69 Reasons to join Sunshine Colored Ductape

1: We blow up hospitals. Or is that too far? If not then visit:



2: Are you sure that every girl in the world secretly loves you?

Visit: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com


3: Do you thrust your hips into the air when you think no one is looking? Then live at:



4: I found my virginity at:



5: Looking for legal marijuana?



6: Do you want to see where pi ends?

Find out at: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com


7: Looking for a purpose in life?



8: Where do thoughts come from?

Don’t care? Then go to:



9: Don’t have enough money to afford a brazzers account?



10: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com



Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com OR DIE


11: Have you ever wondered if water is wet?



12: Do you think this caption is amazing?

Then go to: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com


13: Do you enjoy murdering innocent children? If not then go to:



14: If you want the power to instantly teleport to Disneyland then visit:




15: Do you desire to travel beyond the speed of light?



16: It’s nothing like any girl you’ve ever seen before. That’s because it’s a blog.



17: Feel like getting a free 100$ Bill?



18: My penis grew after visiting:



19: Looking for a comedy blog that won’t give you herpes?



20: Wanna know how to get that arrow out of your knee?



21: Ever seen the color zanguple? If not then visit:



22: Do you want me to stop watching you sleep at night? Then visit:



23: Sometimes, at night when everyone else is asleep, do you cover yourself in Vaseline and pretend your a slug? Visit:



24: Do you hate wordpress sites? Then visit:



25: Wanna get your cherry popped without feeling pain? Then visit:



26: Want to grow a pubic hair beard? Then visit:



27: Is Facebook too mainstream for you? Then fuck you hipster visit:



28: Do you find yourself attracted to trees?



29: Do you get lost in your own home?



30: Did you have a dog for breakfast this morning?



31: Thinking of committing suicide?



32: Do you want to know how Ted finally meets the kid’s mother? Then visit: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com


33: Do you not understand the above reference? Then visit:



34: Did you respond out loud to the questions on this flier? If not then visit:



35: If I asked you to go to Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this one?


36: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com

You know what to do


37: If you think swearing is fucking retarded? Then visit:



38: Do you check under your bed for hipsters and Scientologists every night? If so then go to: Aninfinitespace.wordpress.com


39: Do you have a 10 button on your calculator? Then your probably high.


40: Are you an independent black women who don’t need no man in her life? Then visit:





41: Done with homework? I didn’t think so. Either way visit:


42: Not done with homework but looking for a way to finish it all instantly?


43: Ever had sex with a Volkswagen?


44: Do you swallow gum because spitting it out is too mainstream?


45: Disappointed because its against the law to keep slaves?


46: Have you laughed since reading these reasons?


47: Have you not laughed since you started reading these reasons?


48: Don’t have internet access?


49: If you saw that one person in that one movie that one time visit:


50: If you have 99 problems but reading unfunny blogs Ain’t one of them son then visit:


51: Are you tired of hipster blogs all about Nutella? (tumblr)


52: Are you a pyromaniac?


53: Do you want to know what the color “red” is?


54: Do you have a PHD in horribleness?


55: Looking to adopt a Nigerian princess?


56: Does your face make small children cry?


57: If your name is Han and you shot first then visit:


58: If you wrote the draft for this list of reasons using a stolen pen then- Wait. Thats just me? Then I best be heading down to:


59: Do you do things for the lulz?


60: Are you the troll under the bridge?


61: Are you tired of having the comedy site you read confused with a drug? (cracked) Then visit a new one at:


62: If you think you are the most interesting man in the world and you don’t prefer Dos Equis go to:


63: If your the real slim shady go to:


64: If your “a doctor not a blog reader” then visit:


65: If you can use the force even though you have a low midichlorian count then visit:


66: If fuck midicholrians then visit:


67: If you are the “Apex Predator” then go to:


68: If you do not fit any of the above criteria go to:


69: If you think its immature that this ad has exactly 69 reasons go to:


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