Cartoons that made me sad:(((

Alright, this is my first big post here, anyways, when I was younger, cartoons were like my favorite things on Earth. However, as time went by some cartoons broke my heart, sigh…

OMG I loved Voltron when I was little, I mean five lions forming in to a giant robot was awesome as f#*k.

OMG so cool!

……until the Vehicle Voltron was introduced.

When I was little, I was like WTF!?

Voltron’s new look is definitely one of the better among the others I’m about to show you because it actually looks pretty cool, but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore… It looks like a Power Ranger (aka Super Sentai) Megazord now.

The next thing that made me go “What?” is Speed Racer, originally created in Japan, it’s a widely known fact that Speed Racer was a big hit around the globe. When it first came out, it felt fresh, and the Mach 5 was like the coolest car in the entire universe. Sadly, Speed Racer was ruined by absolutly sh*tty  remakes such as Speed Racer X from 1997 and Speed Racer the movie that was released on 2008.

Go Speed Go!

I'm not sure if this picture is really from the 1997 cartoon because of how the show was forgotten due to its unpopularity.

Yup, this Speed Racer (2008) movie sucked. The racing sequences were confusing and the plot and setting was stupid. And the extreme changes such as the addition of Mach 6 was stupid as well. The only thing I liked in this movie was the cast, many of the characters looked like how they did in the original cartoon. Also, Rain being casted in the movie was the only reason I decided to watch it in theatres.But the overall experience was so crappy that it was as if the directors were like: “Hey let’s make a sh*tty movie about Speed Racer and totally make it a blockbuster movie with crappy graphics and ruin the entire franchise because we’re cool like that.”. Ugh…

Don’t be depressed yet though, there are more to come, if you liked the post, keep in watch for the second part. SIGH….WHY DO PEOPLE TRY SO HARD TO RUIN CLASSIC FRANCHISES!!!!!

Images from:, Voltron.wikia,com,,,,


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