Procrastination: the enemy of progress, the lack of motivation, and what I am doing now. Yup. I should start my homework, but instead I decided to blog right now because I felt sorry for all those people waiting over a week for a new post. By the way, NEW VIEWS FROM SOUTH KOREA AND SWITZERLAND. Woo. Kay. Anywho, Procrastination. It’s a problem with hip, cool teens today.

Procrastination is the act of doing low priority acts before higher priority ones. Therefore you put a high priority on your low priorities and low priorities on your high priorities. FUN~


 These days, procrastination is something to brag about by the cool, hip kids of society. Everyday, you hear people have a conversation that goes: “HEY. I started my homework at 1 am last night!” “Cool story, bro! Tell it again!” “HEY. I started my homework at 1 am last night!” “Groovy!”  Right? Yup. You do. You know you do. You think you don’t, but actually, you hear it SO often that your brain tricks you into thinking you didn’t hear it. Yeah, so think about that as I finally start my homework now. Here, I’ll even give you this squirrel as a thinking buddy.


Philosopher Squirrel.

 Your welcome.


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