My Tenth Post!

Yes. I was sitting here, reading my own posts like THE LOSER I AM. Then, I felt the sudden urge to count how many posts I had posted, and sure enough, I counted nine. That means, this post is POST NUMBER 10! YAY.


Each of the cute and hard to obtain Pokemon from 4 Generations. Of course it's relevant to this piece. THEY ARE HAPPY.


So yes. I feel proud, of accomplishing the feat of writing 10, pretty lengthy posts, and is an achievement I shall remember for the rest of my life. I might even put it in my resume, who knows? Oh, I KNOWS. And I am not doing that.

In reality, writing ten posts is really nothing, it just means two things. One: I am overreacting over this for ten posts isn’t really hard to do. Two: I have enough free time in my life to waste it posting to a small, but GLOBAL audience. Yup, my life is SO complete ❤


A circle. To show how my life is complete. And Red because I like red. Yup.

By the way, new views from Hong Kong and Spain. WOO. HOORAY FOR THEM.


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