The Value of Sleep

I am more than proud to brag announce that I have achieved not one, not two, but THREE days with 8 hours of sleep. EIGHT HOURS. That’s like, eight more than zero! Woo. And I KNOW what you’re thinking. You guys are all like: *FACEHOOF* “Silly stereotypical juvenile delinquent, always staying up late doing useless shenanigans and thinking you are ‘TOO COOL’ for sleep.”


BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE. I do not consider Duct tape crafts and dueling others in a game of Yu-Gi-Oh that sends the loser to the SHADOW REALM “useless shenanigans”. In fact, I consider these activities QUITE productive.

Anyways, I am getting 8 hours of sleep, instead of my average 6-7, because I decided that I, NEED SLEEP. I am a growing boy, which is evident from my constant fluctuations in my voice (FOR THE RECORD, my voice does NOT crack, it FLICKERS). So I have been diligently doing my homework to finish early. In fact, I am writing this post without the need to do homework that is due tomorrow, which might actually be a FIRST. YAY. And now, I bid you ado with this AWESOME picture I found the other day. Yes, like it very much ❤ , but feel free to disagree. EMOTICON TIME 😛


The Legend Of Zelda ❤


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