The Viewing Experiment

It has been two weeks since I have posted, and I have deliberately, yes deliberately, decided not to post anything last week, despite the fact that I am the only one posting as of recently. Why did I do this I ask? WELL. I wished to observe how the lack of posts would affect our number of views. You know what we need now right? Yes, that’s right, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. BY SIR FRANCIS BACON. YAY.


Like a Sir.


Hypothesis: If there is a lack of posts for a long duration of time (two weeks), then there will be a drop in views because our growing international audience would not be pleased.

Procedure: Deliberately resist the urge to post material for two weeks and check graph of views. NOTE: The lack of posts is deliberate, and not due to laziness. Just saying.

RESULT: AND THE RESULTS ARE IN. Drum roll please! No? Kay. And so… I was WRONG. Despite the lack of new materials and such,, the number of views each day generally increased over the last week and a half in a linear fashion.


SHOCKING. Is it not?

So does this result mean that we should just stop posting completely to get our ratings up? QUITE POSSIBLY. Probably not, though. I might just refer to this experiment in the future to justify laziness or something. YAY.


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