So today, I GOT A PROMOTION. TO ADMIN ( I think). YAY. And if I didn’t, then Aww. But let’s just assume I did. So let us bring the masses, and CELEBRATE. Before today, I was like this:


Useless with potential! 😀

I was like a Magikarp. Not too effective in battle and enjoying the color red. Yup. that’s the life. What a rollercoaster ride. OR SHOULD I SAY, WHAT A MAGIKARPET RIDE. HA HA HA. Why am i so funn. And cool. Yolo.

ANYWHO. After today (and the aforementioned promotion [assuming that I actually did get one {don’t you love brackets and parenthesis and such?}]), I shall be like this!


YAY. OVER A THOUSAND. That’s like, more than 900.

Aren’t you all proud? I KNOW MY MOM IS.


Very much so INDEED.

I am so proud of myself. For never giving up. And ALWAYS, saying never (just kidding, I hardly never say never). So yeah, I’m done venting my feelings through words. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? Time for an EPIC LETTER TO THE AUDIENCE.


The letter J. What a fancy letter.



What an epic Link.

And a URL!    <Visit here. I here it has AWESOME entertainment.

Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT.


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