About theredlobster

Red is a lovely color and Giraffes are nice too; but they should not be together. Geeraffes~


I was procrastinating homework, then I realized that I had forgotten about this little corner of the internet. Contrary to the signs on the homepage, this site is not undergoing upgrades. In fact, I am the only person still on this site. 


THE ONLY ONE. Still here. yay.

But on the plus side, ever since everyone on this site stopped posting, WE’VE HAD MORE VIEWERS THAN EVER. ISN’T THAT GRAND? IT’S ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS.


Absolutely fantabulous.

Recent viewers are mainly from those English speaking countries of The U.S., the UK, and Australia. Of course there are those random viewers from those other countries that reside upon this Earth. So yeah, I will probably maybe hopefully come here from time to time to provide a random little post, to this little corner of the internet.


Ha. Hunger Games reference. Because it’s new. Totally. 


Another Report on our Ever Growing Audience

You may remember one of my previous posts titled “To Our International Audience”, stating my excitement towards the fact that we have audience members outside of the United States. If you don’t, OH WELL. Anywho, I would like to HAPPILY report that we have received views from about 28, TWENTY EIGHT, different countries.



The TWENTY-EIGHT different countries are: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom! YAY. Count them. TWENTY EIGHT. YAY. Pony time!



I appreciate your constant visits to our site, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future. OUR SITE IS RENOVATING. SO PLEASE AWAIT THE AWESOMENESS THAT WILL ENSUE.

P.S. The previous post mentioned in the beginning of the article is constantly updating with new countries as they show up, so PLEASE CHECK OCCASIONALLY. Thank You.



Just look at those colors. Yup.


So today, I GOT A PROMOTION. TO ADMIN ( I think). YAY. And if I didn’t, then Aww. But let’s just assume I did. So let us bring the masses, and CELEBRATE. Before today, I was like this:


Useless with potential! 😀

I was like a Magikarp. Not too effective in battle and enjoying the color red. Yup. that’s the life. What a rollercoaster ride. OR SHOULD I SAY, WHAT A MAGIKARPET RIDE. HA HA HA. Why am i so funn. And cool. Yolo.

ANYWHO. After today (and the aforementioned promotion [assuming that I actually did get one {don’t you love brackets and parenthesis and such?}]), I shall be like this!


YAY. OVER A THOUSAND. That’s like, more than 900.

Aren’t you all proud? I KNOW MY MOM IS.


Very much so INDEED.

I am so proud of myself. For never giving up. And ALWAYS, saying never (just kidding, I hardly never say never). So yeah, I’m done venting my feelings through words. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? Time for an EPIC LETTER TO THE AUDIENCE.


The letter J. What a fancy letter.



What an epic Link.

And a URL!  https://aninfinitespace.wordpress.com/    <Visit here. I here it has AWESOME entertainment.

Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT.

The Viewing Experiment

It has been two weeks since I have posted, and I have deliberately, yes deliberately, decided not to post anything last week, despite the fact that I am the only one posting as of recently. Why did I do this I ask? WELL. I wished to observe how the lack of posts would affect our number of views. You know what we need now right? Yes, that’s right, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. BY SIR FRANCIS BACON. YAY.


Like a Sir.


Hypothesis: If there is a lack of posts for a long duration of time (two weeks), then there will be a drop in views because our growing international audience would not be pleased.

Procedure: Deliberately resist the urge to post material for two weeks and check graph of views. NOTE: The lack of posts is deliberate, and not due to laziness. Just saying.

RESULT: AND THE RESULTS ARE IN. Drum roll please! No? Kay. And so… I was WRONG. Despite the lack of new materials and such,, the number of views each day generally increased over the last week and a half in a linear fashion.


SHOCKING. Is it not?

So does this result mean that we should just stop posting completely to get our ratings up? QUITE POSSIBLY. Probably not, though. I might just refer to this experiment in the future to justify laziness or something. YAY.

The Value of Sleep

I am more than proud to brag announce that I have achieved not one, not two, but THREE days with 8 hours of sleep. EIGHT HOURS. That’s like, eight more than zero! Woo. And I KNOW what you’re thinking. You guys are all like: *FACEHOOF* “Silly stereotypical juvenile delinquent, always staying up late doing useless shenanigans and thinking you are ‘TOO COOL’ for sleep.”


BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE. I do not consider Duct tape crafts and dueling others in a game of Yu-Gi-Oh that sends the loser to the SHADOW REALM “useless shenanigans”. In fact, I consider these activities QUITE productive.

Anyways, I am getting 8 hours of sleep, instead of my average 6-7, because I decided that I, NEED SLEEP. I am a growing boy, which is evident from my constant fluctuations in my voice (FOR THE RECORD, my voice does NOT crack, it FLICKERS). So I have been diligently doing my homework to finish early. In fact, I am writing this post without the need to do homework that is due tomorrow, which might actually be a FIRST. YAY. And now, I bid you ado with this AWESOME picture I found the other day. Yes, like it very much ❤ , but feel free to disagree. EMOTICON TIME 😛


The Legend Of Zelda ❤

My Tenth Post!

Yes. I was sitting here, reading my own posts like THE LOSER I AM. Then, I felt the sudden urge to count how many posts I had posted, and sure enough, I counted nine. That means, this post is POST NUMBER 10! YAY.


Each of the cute and hard to obtain Pokemon from 4 Generations. Of course it's relevant to this piece. THEY ARE HAPPY.


So yes. I feel proud, of accomplishing the feat of writing 10, pretty lengthy posts, and is an achievement I shall remember for the rest of my life. I might even put it in my resume, who knows? Oh, I KNOWS. And I am not doing that.

In reality, writing ten posts is really nothing, it just means two things. One: I am overreacting over this for ten posts isn’t really hard to do. Two: I have enough free time in my life to waste it posting to a small, but GLOBAL audience. Yup, my life is SO complete ❤


A circle. To show how my life is complete. And Red because I like red. Yup.

By the way, new views from Hong Kong and Spain. WOO. HOORAY FOR THEM.


Procrastination: the enemy of progress, the lack of motivation, and what I am doing now. Yup. I should start my homework, but instead I decided to blog right now because I felt sorry for all those people waiting over a week for a new post. By the way, NEW VIEWS FROM SOUTH KOREA AND SWITZERLAND. Woo. Kay. Anywho, Procrastination. It’s a problem with hip, cool teens today.

Procrastination is the act of doing low priority acts before higher priority ones. Therefore you put a high priority on your low priorities and low priorities on your high priorities. FUN~


 These days, procrastination is something to brag about by the cool, hip kids of society. Everyday, you hear people have a conversation that goes: “HEY. I started my homework at 1 am last night!” “Cool story, bro! Tell it again!” “HEY. I started my homework at 1 am last night!” “Groovy!”  Right? Yup. You do. You know you do. You think you don’t, but actually, you hear it SO often that your brain tricks you into thinking you didn’t hear it. Yeah, so think about that as I finally start my homework now. Here, I’ll even give you this squirrel as a thinking buddy.


Philosopher Squirrel.

 Your welcome.