The closed lane represents our site. Also they spelled the F-word wrong. Shame.

So our site is currently renovating. Sorry for the delay. Thanks.

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I was procrastinating homework, then I realized that I had forgotten about this little corner of the internet. Contrary to the signs on the homepage, this site is not undergoing upgrades. In fact, I am the only person still on this site. 


THE ONLY ONE. Still here. yay.

But on the plus side, ever since everyone on this site stopped posting, WE’VE HAD MORE VIEWERS THAN EVER. ISN’T THAT GRAND? IT’S ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS.


Absolutely fantabulous.

Recent viewers are mainly from those English speaking countries of The U.S., the UK, and Australia. Of course there are those random viewers from those other countries that reside upon this Earth. So yeah, I will probably maybe hopefully come here from time to time to provide a random little post, to this little corner of the internet.


Ha. Hunger Games reference. Because it’s new. Totally. 

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